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Actual Client Testimonials!

Following are real testimonials from real clients who took the time to let us know how their quality of life has improved thanks to hormone optimization therapy provided by the friendly and experienced staff at NSI and Palm Beach Preventive Medicine.

Wow, has my life improved since I found NSI?! I was a typical 47 year old male. I was depressed, overweight, and miserable. At my age, I had given up on looking and feeling good; that is before I started my therapy at NSI.

Now that I am on the program and have my hormones balanced, women want me and men want to be me. Every aspect of my life has improved. I look good, feel good and I am healthy again. Thanks NSI!

Joe H., Florida

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I have always been an active, physically fit person, until the dreaded menopause hit me. At first I was very happy to be rid of that monthly problem and the mood swings. And for almost 5 years I felt good. But suddenly the weight started coming and I couldn't lose a pound to save my life!!! A good night’s sleep was almost non-existent so you can imagine how interested I was in sex with no sleep and not liking the way my body looked. Once I realized I could not control what was happening to my body I started considering HRT. A friend who started HRT because of the same symptoms had amazing results and she convinced me to look into it. I did and the transformation I have experienced is amazing.

I have lost over 20 pounds and not just in certain areas of my body but all over. I feel like working out again and have so much energy. My body does not ache like it did before. My sex life is alive again and that makes my husband very happy! My decision was the right one and I have since helped two of my friends get started with HRT.

I think that many women who are having problems with their health and are close or through menopause should look into having their hormone levels checked. It has done so much for me, my body and how I feel about everything I do in my life. I am back to riding my horse regularly and working with my dogs. A big thing for me is no more aches and pains. The compliments that I get from my husband and friends feel so good. I am 57 years old and I feel and look better now than I ever did.

Lori K., Illinois

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My wife and I contacted Nationwide Synergy about 3 years ago. We are both close to our 50th birthdays and started to notice several years earlier the subtle, yet very noticeable changes from the aging process. Sleeplessness, aching muscles, muscle loss, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, lack of general motivation, etc. The combination of pre-menopause with my wife and low testosterone for me was definitely negatively changing our lifestyle and daily activities.

We decided to visit Palm Beach Preventive Medicine in West Palm Beach during our 26th wedding anniversary, as we were vacationing in South Florida. We met with the doctors and staff to find out about the best therapy for us. As NSI patients, we have benefited from the thorough evaluations, testing and prescribed therapy. Both my wife and I have continued with the suggested therapy for almost 3 years now and feel not just great but absolutely "ten times" better in every aspect of our busy life.

As a "do everything together" type of couple, we have three children, four grandchildren and operate our own very demanding business. Before NSI, we would have little time for ourselves in the evening/weekends due to simple exhaustion. I was very concerned how we would be able to continue to be there for our active boys and grandchildren. Not anymore, after our first 6 months on therapy it was just what the doctor ordered. Balanced hormones and extra energy was what we needed. That is what we got and more.

We have "more" of everything now, more sleep, more energy, more time for activities, motivation for work and much more sex! The best way to tell if something is working is by hearing it from other people as you go through the day. Every day we here comments like; "WOW you guys look great", "You do not look 50", "That really looks nice on you", "Have you been working out?", "You both look so happy together." We may not feel like we're in our 20's again, but definitely our young 30's! We both experienced very positive results with our programs and continue to be evaluated regularly to maintain what we have gained.

Thank you NSI for your expertise and professional service. We are so glad we found you. Many thanks!

Robert & Renee D., Pennsylvania

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My name is Scott and this is my testimonial: Just four short months ago I was weighing a whopping 244 and standing at 5' 7” in a lot of pain from standing a lot, you see, I am a Chef and being Chef means that I get to taste EVERYTHING, which leads to, overweight, the job is very demanding which leads to stress and over all poor health, My self confidence as far as my personal appearance was shot, I would rarely look at any one (mainly women) in the eye as they past me, because they were usually looking past me , not at me , making me feel invisible, that's when I knew I had to do something, and I contacted a friend of mine who gave me Glenn's number, after the first phone consultation I felt better, knowing that it was a reputable company and feeling that he really cared about making people feel better, you can definitely tell he loves what he does. Well, very happy to report I am weighing in at 204 which by the way, sealing the deal with my boss Michael who said if I get down to 204, he will quit smoking. Well there you have it; the other day I was walking into the grocery store to get a protein bar before my work out and two women walked by me and said hello, my first reaction was to look behind me , but then I realized they were talking to me. Wow, what a change, Glenn and Nationwide Synergy have been great, helping me through my therapy, That has done wonders for me not only physically but mentally, giving me the confidence and energy to excel.

Scott E.

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I was in the Navy for ten years and I trained and worked out hard and consistent for years but was still over weight. I was extremely over weight for someone who ate really clean and had six small meals a day. When I turned 30 years old I gave Nationwide Synergy a call. When I started the program I was 216 pounds and 24% body fat. The only thing That changed in my life was the Hormone Therapy they provided. And in exactly one year time the transformation was very extreme. I am now 195 pounds and 11% body fat and the pictures show a huge change in body composition. I am extremely happy with what I have accomplished with the help of Nationwide Synergy. Thank you so much Nationwide Synergy. :-))

Joshua D., Helena, AL

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Wow, where to begin. A life changing experience to say the least. I am a 34 yr old male married with 2 beautiful little boys. A little over 6 yrs ago I fell 35 feet off of a roof while working and broke my back in 4 places. I refused to have surgery and just dealt with the pain. Then it got so bad I started going to a pain clinic and they had me on 4-6 pain pills a day. Even with the meds when I got home from work I just wanted to be left alone. I did not converse with wife, play with my kids nothing. Just a bump on a log. Well it started to take a toll on marriage not only emotionally but intimately as well. And I definitely did not get father of the year award.

I started therapy a little less than a year ago and let me tell you it has been a blessing. I have so much energy I play with my kids every day when I get home, help my wife around the house and am enjoying life. I and my wife’s relationship is better than it has ever been. We actually have a social life now. And as far as the intimacy part well lets just say she has to run and hide when I get home just to keep me off of her, lol. I never realized what I was missing with my family until I started therapy. Especially my kids. I am also proud to say that after 6 yrs of taking pain meds I am pain medication free with no other help except from therapy. Enough about me. The staff at the office where so helpful and extremely comfortable to be around. I would highly recommend therapy to anyone. NSI changed my life and for that I am extremely grateful. I got my life back and my family. Thank you so much!

Todd W., Birmingham, AL

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I had been on the usual testosterone remedy for 6 months when I met Bill and the folks at NSI. Bill asked what I was doing for my estrogen levels to which I had no answer. Didn't know what he was talking about! I got educated real quick about the importance of hormone balance and therapy and the whole package that NSI has! Without a doubt, this is the only place to go for this type of treatment. I'm now down to 222 lbs from 265 and lean muscle and back into 34 waist jeans from size 40s! I've been on NSI program for the past 2 years. I'm 63 years old and have never felt better in my life! Thanks NSI!

Dan P., Houston, TX

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I have been on the Nation Wide Synergy program for the last six months and what a change to my life. I never thought a Testosterone replacement program would offer so many benefits. My representative Bill said it would change my life and it has in many ways. Today I am happier, healthier and full of energy. I have lost over 20 pounds and 10 points of body fat. I remember going to the gym and sitting in the parking lot looking for excuses not to work out, now I need to find an excuse to leave the gym. My work outs have improved and I am in the gym six days a week. I have a sense of pride and accomplishment about my appearance. I enjoy my job again and take pride in every aspect. I have become more balanced when dealing with stressful situations. I am happy to take on new challenges and I excel with a renewed sense of energy and focus.

My wife has seen several benefits; we have been married for eight years and we had been going through the motions from time to time. Today I look forward to the time we spend together, I have become more affectionate and attentive to her needs and it has paid big dividends for us as a couple. We talk more, laugh more and enjoy our life together. The program has put my life back on track and I live it to the fullest every day. I see the changes in every aspect of my life and I am very grateful for the benefits of the program.

Carl C., Houston, TX

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I guess I knew something was a little "off" when I turned 38. Didn't know what, but something. Seen the "low-T" commercial and said "that?s me". So I went to my Dr. and told him my sex drive was low and kind of depressed. He ran the blood work and I was within 20 points of being "low" or "out of range". As far as he was concerned I was fine. I can tell you I was anything but fine. I just wasn't me anymore. I told him 20 points from low put me at the levels of an old man. I was just 39 at this point. His answer to me was, get this, "Vi agra and anti-depressants." Really? That seemed like a cover up of the problems if anything. So I started to do some Google research and called many different places and had decent knowledge of what maybe going on.

The deeper I dug the more I knew this was it. Its just not testosterone levels, its estrogen levels as well. Many places I called didn?t really cover all the hormones, just testosterone. Wrong answer. In my search I contacted Nationwide Synergy. They had a wealth of information for me and was more then happy to e-mail and talk to me about all my questions. It?s been life changing! After the blood test results and the Dr. one-on-one I started the therapy. Wow, after maybe 3 weeks I felt like I was 20 again. I could not believe the difference, the depression was gone, I felt like I could wrestle a bull, "Note: I did not, lol" The sex drive/libido went through the roof, the fire and drive was back. As far as the body composition, I have always been skinny we'll say. I have gained maybe 20 pounds of mostly muscle; fat has never been a concern of mine. Body change has been a side benefit of the therapy but never a "this is why I'm doing this" item.

I can honestly say this has been best choice of my life, and the help I have received from Nationwide has been top notch. We continue to do Blood work to make sure everything is in check and adjust accordantly. They have worked me and have always been there to answer any questions I may have had. Client for life!

Jeffery W., Hamilton, OH

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I'm a male, age 73. Several years ago I began noticing some significant changes in my body. My libido was waning, my energy was diminishing and my weight was increasing in spite of the fact I was really watching what I was eating and how much and I was hitting the gym three days a week. Other symptoms included cramps in my legs and toes especially when I went to bed and I was lucky if I was getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night. About five years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was treated through a process of Proton Ion Therapy. Fortunately the prostrate was not removed. However, I was told not to take treatment for low-T as it could introduce the cancer again. Through research I discovered that was not true so I proceeded to take treatment for low-T. I started with injections and when that didn't work I was switched to pellet insertion. That did not solve the problem either.

Later, after conferring with Palm Beach Preventative Medicine, I discovered why the treatment was not successful. This type of treatment, in order to be effective, requires estrogen blockers or the testosterone will turn to estrogen - not a good thing for men. After conducting some research on the internet I came across an article that sounded hopeful. The article was about a clinic in Palm Beach Florida called Palm Beach Preventative Medicine. I contacted the clinic and was put in touch with a very shy and reserved (Ha Ha!) gentleman by the name of Glenn Congley. I was amazed at his level of knowledge regarding this treatment and low-T. After a couple of weeks of phone conversations I decided to move forward with the treatment. I know realize it was the best medical investment I could ever make. After just three treatments Phoenix is rising in all it's splendor, my energy level has increased significantly, I'm seeing and feeling results of my weekly workouts - I'm sleeping longer and can tell I'm beginning to increase muscle mass, the cramps are diminishing. My stride is longer and more confident and I have a perpetual smile on my face knowing that after just three treatments it is only going to get better. It has to as, I'm currently dating a lovely lady twenty-one years younger than me. Whoopee!!!!

Do yourself and your loved one a favor and contact Palm Beach Preventative and just listen to what they have to say. The conversation is free but priceless!

Larry J., Fishers IN

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I was feeling really down for a couple of months, found Palm Beach Preventive Medicine on line and decided to drive up there. They took my blood, told me what vitamins to take, I saw the Doc and he started me on testosterone therapy. In about 4 weeks I started feeling great and have been feeling like Superman for over a year already. It's the best place ever if you want to feel good again!!!

Derek A., Key west FL

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I was a 52 year old grumpy, moody, overweight, undersexed man. For about 10 years I had tried different things to correct these issues and fought depression by eating and simply withdrawing from my wife and family so as not to depress them. The depression caused a lack of interest in many things, including sex, my energy level was low. I essentially came home form work, ate and went to bed day in and day out, I had broad mood swings and my wife was the brunt if theses problems, I was moody at work and often short with my employees, stress was high and it really has a negative effect on me personally, my family and my business.

Once I got started on hormone replacement therapy everything in my life improved, I found myself working on unfinished projects around the house at 10pm. Prior to that I was either in bed or asleep on the couch at 10pm. My wife was thrilled and with the 3-4 week we were having sex, much improved in every aspect. I was not moody at work and it was much easier to get up in the morning and go to work. Most noticeably was the absence of depression and my mood swings. My wife recently told me when I was in between cycles that ?it was time to call Josh and get back on the program?.

This program has given me back to my wife the way I was when she married me. It has allowed me to be me, not the other guy I had become. Oh and did I mention increase muscle and decreased belly fat? Stress from work doesn?t affect me nearly as much, my blood pressure is down, cholesterol is down and energy and sex drive is up! What more could you ask for? Don?t put this off; I wish I had started years ago!

Spencer W.

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Up until 2007 my life was peaches! My real estate development company was very successful; I had a beautiful wife and family and the respect and appreciation of my many colleagues and friends. By 2010 I had been forced into declaring bankruptcy, my marriage had ended and I was on a fast downward trajectory. I was depressed, gaining weight, at a loss of energy and my libido had fallen off sharply. All I was certain, were attributed to the emotional traumas I had experienced. Recognizing that I needed to take action I joined a gym and began a religious regimen. Forcing myself to fight against low energy I soldiered through the first three months expecting that ultimately my energy levels, libido and mental balance would make a strong rebound. The struggle became a losing battle as I plateaued quickly and could not make much real progress. At 45 years old I knew I that I was still physically capable, but my body and mental state was not responding as it used to. I decided to see my family doctor for a physical and learned that I had borderline high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol and low testosterone levels. He put me on a statin drug (Lipitor) and recommended that I research and consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

After researching Testosterone Therapy I found Palm Beach Preventative Medicine and scheduled an appointment. They were extremely professional and understanding and conducted a comprehensive blood panel to determine my precise challenges. I began their Testosterone Replacement Therapy regimen six months ago and I immediately noticed a considerable improvement in my mental and physical health and well being. I lost weight, burned fat, sleep better, my libido immediately returned and I have energy to spare each day. After just three months of beginning Testosterone Replacement Therapy my cholesterol levels had returned to a normal range and I was no longer required to take any medication. I once again charge through each day with unbridled enthusiasm for the future, feeling vibrant, healthy, strong and very importantly, confident.

Any middle aged man experiencing the effects of low Testosterone including low energy, low libido, insomnia, weight gain, muscle loss and/or depression must do themselves the life improving and potentially life saving favor of considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Plain and simply it really works! I am very thankful for and I highly recommend the doctors and staff of Palm Beach Preventative Medicine for helping me to regain my quality of life and health.

Dominic V., Miami, FL

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